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-- Lee Keen Fei, Senior Business Analyst, OCBC
"This program is an intensive course with a clear, informative and effective syllabus and Project Management strategies. I would highly recommend Project Pro's PMP program, as it's definitely a high ROI investment."


-- Joe Furfaro, Senior Project Manager, Pure Projects Pte Ltd
"Although I’ve worked in the industry for a little while now, some of the fundamentals of good project management had been forgotten. The enjoyable and professionally run course by Project Pro was fantastic in reminding me again of these important basics and also preparing me for that very important PMP exam! Thank you Project Pro."


-- Sudhir Pai Tonse (Tony), SAP Consultant, TITAN ESP
"Although the PMP program is very rigorous and intensive, the instructor (Charles Lim) was able to keep the class focused. His pedagogy (art and science of teaching) is powerful, particularly his narrative and anecdotal skills."


-- Goh Boon Yong, Analyst, Trading Technologies Software Pte Ltd
"Project Pro's PMP program is well structured with sample practice questions that help me understand each topic better. Charles Lim, our trainer, is knowledgeable and answered our questions with appropriate analogies that deepened our understanding of Project Management."


-- Alvis Yeo, Project Manager, Ufinity Pte Ltd
“Project Pro's PMP progam enables effective learning through understanding of concepts, tools and techniques, as well as processes involved in Project Management.”


-- Siva Chandran, Former Infrastructure Services and Projects Manager, Large European MNC firm
“This ExamPrep course helps in realizing good project management practices that can be applied in real-life projects, which is crucial for a certified PM, along with useful examination tips. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a qualified PMP.”


-- Nigel, Senior Security Consultant, BT Frontline Pte Ltd (wholly owned British Telecom subsidiary)
“Charles is very experienced and good at presenting the Project Management concepts very well. I was refered to Charles by someone who strongly recommends him and I had indeed benefited a lot from his training. The PMP exam is not easy and requires hard work, and Project Pro's ExamPrep Pogram helped tremendously in my preparation for the PMP exam, making me feel more confident. I had gained more in depth project management knowledge from the training and even before going for the exam, I had already benefited from the training by applying it to my project management work now.”


-- Sayuri Sim, Associate, DBS Ltd
“Project Pro's PMP ExamPrep Program provided valuable training and tips in my exam preparation. Charles Lim, the trainer, is very experienced, and provided a lot of real-life experience and illustrations in Project Management, which will be useful not only in understanding Project Management better to prepare for my exam but in the course of my work as well.”


-- Vendi Setiawan, IT Team Leader, BCI Asia Construction Pte Ltd
“I only needed coffee in the first day of the class, not because the class was boring, but because I was too tired after my business trip. I really enjoyed the class, there were a lot of interesting example cases related to the program, which proves that Charles Lim has a lot of experience in this field. I learnt new terminologies in Project Management and improved my Project Management knowledge in terms of managing tasks/projects as a team leader, within the timeframe and meeting quality standards, which is extremely helpful in my work as software development team leader.”


-- Tina Ng Yu Ying, Senior Business Analyst, NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd
“Charles, our trainer, is very knowledgeable in the subject and maintains the relevance of our training with interesting layman examples to bring his points across. The course has provided me with a good start in preparing for my PMP exam in the coming months, and the Project Management concepts learnt will also be useful in the course of my work.”


-- Neo Say Chao, Senior Solution Developer, BreadTalk Group Ltd
“The 5-day course was very rigorous, and we covered quite extensively all the topics required by the PMP Exam. I like the course materials provided by Project Pro, as it links the various topics together for easy understanding. I especially appreciate the availability of many practice mock exam questions in the course material and as they helped affirm our understanding of each topic when our trainer, Charles Lim, went through them during the course.”


-- Victor Halim, Senior Machinery Engineer, Paxocean Engineering Pte Ltd
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the 5 days spent as a participant in Charles' PMP class over the past one month, and I feel that I have greatly expanded my project management knowledge as a direct result of Charles' effective teaching methods. Now I definitely manage projects better than previously, and I am able to plan well because Charles was able to link different industries' management decisions to his PMP course concepts. This is simply amazing and I am putting the concept that I have learned to immediate use. I would highly recommend Charles as an instructor, as his explanation during the course was really awesome, and he kept the interest level throughout the tedious 5-day program. The course materials were of very good quality and useful not just for the exam but as good reference in my work.”


-- Sundaram Ezhil Kumaran, Manager, IT Operations, Transit Link Pte Ltd
“Project Pro's ExamPrep course is very helpful for me to prepare the PMP examination. The knowledge and the experience of the trainer, Charles Lim, is impeccable. As his teaching style involves using lots of real-life examples, I can easily understand the Project Management concepts without any problem. Charles is very helpful and understandable. Anyone attending the course will learn a lot from his experience, and would pass the PMP exam without much difficulty.”


-- Ryan Ong Wee Kwang, Systems Administrator, Government Investment Corporation of Singapore (GIC)
“Even before attending the PMP course offered by Project Pro, I have heard good feedback about the instructor, Charles Lim, and I was not disappointed. The classes had been comprehensive and enjoyable, with the right balance of technical knowledge and real-life experience cases, which I cannot emphasize enough how pivotal it was in helping me stay interested as well as as aided in the understanding and retention of concepts learnt. Attending this course has help me not only in my professional work life but it has been equally important in my personal life, as the techniques taught can be applied to both. Although I haven't sat for my exam, I am confident that I will pass soon. I strongly recommend this course to all my peers and friends who are interested in taking up PMP certification.”


-- Ng Hwee Cheng, Project Manager (R&D), Venture GES Singapore
“The lessons are very lively and the trainer is always well-prepared with interesting ideas and real-life examples which enabled us to relate to the different scenarios better. The program materials are very comprehensive, and helped enhanced the great interactions between the trainer and students. Both trainer and staff are very very approachable and helpful, & students also have the flexibility to switch classes if we have unexpected work schedule conflicts.”


-- Fong Shwu Huey, Engineer, PPL Shipyard Pte Ltd
“Our trainer, Charles Lim, explained the methodology of Project Management with lots of real-life examples. With these illustrations, I had a better understanding of project management. He was also able to share his years of experience freely with us, and taught us about managing the "finance" aspect of life. In short, I enjoyed the entire PMP program and I will recommend him & Project Pro's program to my friends.”


-- Jacob Abraham, Principal Engineer, PerkinElmer Singapore Pte Ltd
“The trainer’s knowledge and experience is apparent throughout the program. He gave us an interesting learning experience by making it interactive, informative and insightful. Revision of 300 over questions during the course gave us a first hand experience of what to expect in the PMP exam. By sharing experiences with other participants from different industries in class, I could understand business perspectives in a better way. Now I can apply a holistic approach on managing a project by strengthening weak processes. This course trains participants to manage projects in a more professional way, it is definitely a good investment, as the returns will surely outweigh the cost of investment.”


-- Sindhu Padmini, R&D Test Project Manager, Avago Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd
“Project Pro’s PMP ExamPrep Program is extremely useful not only for PMP exam but also in understanding the real issues while applying project management in business environment. I was quite impressed by the trainer Charles who has vast experience and knowledge and had the canny ability to relate to his audience using interesting and entertaining anecdotes through a very engaging delivery in class. By the very virtue of the real examples given by him, I found it quite easy to remember the various points for the exam preparation. This course by Project Pro was a very good value for my time and money investment. I will definitely recommend this program to my friends who want to prepare for the PMP exam.”


-- Marcus Lai, Technical Supervisor, Shuffle Master Asia
“Project Pro's ExamPrep Program has enhanced my knowledge on Project Management and greatly enabled me to plan my projects more effectively from now on.”


-- Eric Koh Choon Ching, Development Manager, Tullett Prebon Singapore Ltd
“'The program is well organized with lots of mock exam question exercises, which are extremely helpful in our preparation for the exam. The trainer, Charles Lim, is very experienced and knowledgeable in the field, & the Project Management concepts and best practices we learned from him can also be applied to projects in our workplace.”


-- Sebastian Chua Teng Hou, Staff Engineer, Seagate Technology International
“Charles is highly well-versed in PMP methodology and his teaching provides a good holistic balance between technical & business perspectives in project management. Although I have prior project management education module in my masters class, Project Pro's 5-day PMP ExamPrep course is intensive with depth beyond what I had learned in the past. Charles is very sharp in correcting my wrong perception on certain "tough & tricky" PMP topics. He is also very communicative with each individual student and effective in inculcating effective exam preparation techniques for PMP Exam. I'm very satisfied with Project Pro's 5-day PMP ExamPrep course and consider it one of the best worth personal enhancement investment.”


-- Raymond Leong, Project Manager, Shipcentric Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
“Project Pro's PMP ExamPrep Program has flexible program schedules & students with busy work schedule can attend replacement classes. Charles is a very knowledgeable lecturer who can relate the course to the students with plenty of real-life scenarios. He is a humorous lecturer who keeps the class lively. The program definitely helps in my daily work as a project manager as I am now able to manage my sponsors/stakeholders and resources much better.”


-- Elly Feriaty, Software Analyst, SingTel Mobile Pte Ltd
“The trainer, Charles Lim, is really good, as he illustrated Project Management concepts using daily life examples and also emphasized on some important key points which helps me to understand and remember concepts easily. Project Pro's PMP ExamPrep Program is really a good investment. It helps me to achieve a balance between technical and project management perspective in my project work.”


-- Nicholas Chong Yun Seng, System Analyst, MSD Technology Singapore Pte Ltd (Merck)
“Project Pro's PMP ExamPrep Program a very good course that trained us to apply our project management knowledge and skills in the real world. Charles' using realistic example helps me to have an easier and better understanding of the PMBOK's best practices.”


-- Hajjah Kamsiah Bt Abu, Head, Competency Development & e-Learning, HeiTech Padu Berhad
"We appreciate that our staff take time off important work to attend the training and I am glad that Charles has encouraged and established strong participation and discussions with our staff, in specific work place challenges and issues. As an enthusiastic and highly experienced consultant and trainer, Charles is very knowledgeable in the area of project and business management, and is able to highlight and elaborate with examples on issues and contents of interest to the participants - both within the training contents and beyond. The participants are therefore able to firmly build tactical and strategic thinking, that are very practical in their real-life approaches."





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