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Money Management Skills and the use of appropriate tools are essential to organizational staff and individuals. Project Pro in conjunction with Strategic Pro offers a unique training program for both organizational staff and individuals.

Our program uniquely provides participants with a proprietary money management tool, MMPro™, that effectively enable hands-on money management on a day-to-day basis.

Note: The complete MMPRO™ version will be provided for participants who attend the training program.

Money Management for Organizational Staff


We provide full training or short complimentary talks on Money Management for your staff. Contact us now.

Organizations globally, both large and small, are keenly aware of the challenge of keeping pace with their staff’s monetary and motivational needs.

A highly effective action for organizations to take is to provide their people with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage their money - maximize utility and satisfaction based on their current income and realistic projected growth.

Our hands-on and discussion driven Effective Money & Work Management program enables work place effectiveness:

Analytical understanding of current situations and circumstances
Focus to set both short-term and long-term goals
Ability to balance effort-rewards for the short-term and long-term
Ability to think ahead in order to construct strategic approaches
Right attitude and discipline to stay-the-course
Ability to distinguish between urgency and importance of tasks and issues
Understanding of risks that are objective-driven

Staff who manage their own money well, would also recognize the importance of organizational budgetary planning and discipline, whether as managers, supervisors or executors. This work-life balance benefits both work and life.

Money Management for Individuals and Family



Enquire for schedule your friends and family members can attend.

Learning to unlock you and your family’s money potential is absolutely essential in today’s world. Singapore is a land of many opportunities but many people still work hard for their money and do not believe they have enough to secure their near and long term future – the secret lies in how you manage your money!

Participants will participate in our proprietary 5 Sure Steps to Successful Money Management program that effectively guides our participants towards a life-long approach to practical and result-oriented money management. Participants will also be trained in and given the effective use of our effective money management tool, MMPro™.

MMPro™ is a unique and complete Money Management software tool that everyone can learn to use to effectively manage their own and their family’s money all at one go.



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